Now is the Time to Meet Essential Consumer Needs
with New Products and Services for Personal Healthcare


With COVID-19, consumers are forced to be more self-reliant;
Consumer Healthcare (CHC) must act now with digital services
and new nonprescription products


Healthcare is not an infinite resource;
Self Care is essential

Virtual care is the new norm; an immediate opportunity for CHC

digital services  differentiate brands

Digital capabilities
are foundational for
Rx to OTC Switch

Biograph Informs Platform Strategies from Virtual Care to Rx to OTC Switch


  • Improve Consumer Experience with Personalized Service
  • Connect HCP Access and Drive Recos
  • Link Seamlessly with e-Commerce and
    Contact-Free Delivery
  • Add FDA-Reviewed Digital Capability
    for Rx to OTC Switch
  • Leverage Interoperable Healthcare Data
  • Drive Growth and Competitive Advantage with New Drug-Device Combination Products

A Platform Strategy
to Wrap OTCs with Care

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Biograph has Pioneered Innovative Approaches in Consumer Healthcare

Biograph: Tracking with Transformation

April 2020


PwC finds the COVID-19 pandemic is influencing consumer health behavior. The changes may be here to stay as part of a long term reaction to sudden crisis.

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the economy, the way we work and the health system. American consumers are taking on a more active role in managing health and participating in a system that is being remade.

  • Care delivery is different and largely virtual
  • New telehealth users include generally healthy people looking for a quick sick-care visit
  • Many will treat with OTCs

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May 2020

University of Chicago School of Medicine


Which over-the-counter medications are best for coronavirus symptoms?


OTC medicines are the first line treatment for home management of COVID-19 symptoms, reminding Consumer Healthcare of the important role nonprescription products play in the healthcare continuum. The time is now to offer consumers more than pills and to address unmet consumer needs with Rx to OTC Switch.

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May 2020

Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT


ONC's Cures Act Final Rule supports a patient's control of their health care and their medical record through smartphones and modern software apps.

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Nicholas Hall

North American OTC Conference


Provocative presentation about the Future of Consumer Self-Care with
new OTC Solutions. The roadmap to nonprescription access for a next generation of products.

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Biograph, Inc. is a strategic resource for transformative growth amid new realities in Consumer Healthcare. Through advisory, implementation and integration services, the firm addresses urgent priorities for CHC leaders in a regulated market:

  • Improve business performance now with virtual care services and integrations
  • Use technologies and data networks for faster and more certain approval of new Rx to OTC solutions


Biograph is fully aligned to the HHS, FDA and ONC vision for digital health.


Biograph provides end-to-end capability and process agility to inform strategy and activate transformation with enterprise teams.


Strategic Advisory: Business Methods and Data Process Design

Implementation Services: Portfolio Enhancement and Rx to OTC Switch Application

Network Integration: Mapping, Engagement and Contracting for Data Exchanges and Accretive Systems



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